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Django bugfix releases: 2.1.4 and 1.11.17

Today we've issued the 2.1.4 and 1.11.17 bugfix releases. The release package and checksums are available from our downloads page, as well as from the Python Package Index. The PGP key ID used for this release is Carlton Gibson: E17DF5C82B4F9D00.

Angular API Calls with Django, Part 2: Building the Micro-Blog App

This is the second part of a two-part series exploring the use of the Angular 6 HttpClient to make API calls against a Django back-end using Django Rest Framework. In the first part, we learned how to authenticate against Django using the Django Rest Framework JWT package.

Starting a Django Application Properly

Everything you need to know about creating a Django project and environment from scratch. Report from Moscow Python Meetup №54

Imports in Django

Importing modules is an essential part of Python and Django development. These tips will help you write good and beautiful code.

Django bugfix release: 2.1.3

A new version of Django 2.1.3 has been released with regression and bug fixes.

Angular API Calls with Django: Authentication with JWT

Curious about how to make API calls with Angular 6 and the HttpClient service? This tutorial will show you some techniques for building a decoupled micro-blogging application using Angular 6 and the Django Rest Framework (DRF).

Best Django Video Tutorials (2018)

The best Django video tutorials and screencasts of 2018.

User permissions in Django

Configuring user rights is one of the main parts when developing projects and can quickly become quite complex. Let's break down the main techniques on the example of a blog.

Stop Using Executable Code Outside of Version Control

There's an anti-pattern in the development world, and it's for using executable code as a means to store configuration values.

How to Create Custom Django Management Commands

Django comes with a variety of command line utilities that can be either invoked using or the convenient script. A nice thing about it is that you can also add your own commands.

How to Use Bootstrap 4 Forms With Django

This is a quick tutorial to get you start with django-crispy-forms and never look back. Crispy-forms is a great application that gives you control over how you render Django forms, without breaking the default behavior.

Designing Models in Django

In this article, I would like to share my experience and help in designing and formatting your Django code. Hopefully you are already using PEP8, but it is also a good tone to use Django's code formatting style guidelines.

From MySQL to PostgreSQL

In this article I will guide you through the steps I had to take to migrate Django projects from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Basics of Django Rest Framework

Django Rest Framework (DRF) is a library which works with standard Django models to build a flexible and powerful API for your project.

A simple decorator to find out the execution time of a function

Want to quickly check how long a function in a project takes to complete? To do this, you can use a simple decorator.

Getting the name (Verbose Name) of a model or object from a template

How to get model or object name in Django templates.

How to use Django's built-in password management

We will make it easy for our users to manage their account.

Setting up mail in Django

Very simple and fast mail setup in Django.

Django Unique Link Generator

Using a random string generator, we will create unique links for any model.