Testing emails in Django

Sending email messages from a web app often seems like throwing stones into a black hole. You create a message, pass it to a mail send function and hope for the best. You don't control an inbox and mail server, so this whole process happens somewhere in between, and you hope it just works.

I think it's time to change that. Email messages can and should be tested like any other piece of a web app. And luckily, Django makes this process super easy.

To send an email message in Django, you can use various email backends: regular SMTP server, GMAIL, or any other service like mailgun or mailchimp.

However, when we run a test, Django's test runner automatically redirects all Django-sent email to a dummy outbox, which lets you test every aspect of sending an email - from the number of messages sent to the contents of each message.

Meet django.core.mail.outbox

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