Django warnings "Not found XXXX" when re-rendering html pages

I collect html from search engine result pages (baidu, sogou, Google, Bing) and use Django to re-render them. It is successful when rendering pages from Baidu or Sogou, but for pages from Google or Bing, there are lots of warnings about "not found XXX".

For example, in rendering Bing pages, some warnings:

[21/Oct/2021 22:15:44] "GET /sa/simg/Roboto_Regular.woff2 HTTP/1.1" 404 2484
Not Found: /s/ac/25308934/MsnJVData/HoverTranslationV2.css
[21/Oct/2021 22:15:44] Not Found: /th
"GET /th?id=OVP.amkWCd5lEnKAiv3c6hEoiQEsCo&w=197&h=110&c=7&rs=1&qlt=90&o=6&pid=1.7 HTTP/1.1" 404 2508
Not Found: /th
[21/Oct/2021 22:15:44] "GET /rp/4q26YP9oX8_7FiOTRx6BpR60bSg.png HTTP/1.1" 404 2502
Not Found: /fd/ls/lsp.aspx

I have more own scripts for these rendered pages such as adding some popup windows. I also tested my script on static pages and it worked. However, when rendering the page, my script didn't work at all, so I wonder if these warnings hold my own scripts. I am looking for a way to ignore or skip these warnings.

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