Broken migrations after implementing MultiSelectField with choices based on ForeingModel

I'm using MultiSelectField and it works perfect, the problem is when I need to do migrations after my models...

class Title(models.Model):
    name            = models.TextField(null                           = True)
    degree          = models.TextField(null                           = True)

class Person(models.Model):
    name            = models.TextField(null                           = True)
    title               = MultiSelectField(choices=Title.objects.values_list('name','degree'), max_choices=4, max_length=255, null = True, blank= True)

The trick here is Person is trying to use Title before migrations happens, so it crashes. Instead of models.ForeignKey that actually take care about the dependent model.

I've already tried to handle it with migration dependencies but it doesn't work. Any workaround?

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