Django - how to retrieve data from two models (at the same time) related with OneToOne relation?

In Django I have two models:

class Car(models.Model):
    model_name = CharField(...)
    make_name = CharField(...)
    car_exterior_color=  = CharField( CHOICES )
class CarWash(models.Model):
   car_washed = BooleanField(...) 
   wash_date = DateTimeField(...)
   added_wax = BooleanField(...)
   car = models.OneToOneField(Car, on_delete=models.CASCADE, verbose_name="Car washed")

I need to show such table in view, that retrieves data from two models:

model_name make_name car_ext_col car_washed ? added_wax ? wash date
IS Lexus blue Yes No 2023-02-02
G37 Infiniti white No No --
RX Lexus red Yes No 2023-02-02
Corolla Toyota green No No --
Tundra Toyota blue Yes Yes 2023-02-02
Q70 Infiniti yellow Yes Yes 2023-02-03
Civic Honda black Yes No 2023-02-03
Malibu Chevrolet red Yes Yes 2023-02-04
GS Lexus yellow Yes No 2023-02-04
Q30 Infiniti white No No --

What should I write in

How to retrieve data from two models to get table as above?

Should I change my model to get table as required?

I think, you have to create separate app to join 2 data models, and inside this app create model which combines your 2 data models, and create view etc for that data model.

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