Firefox requests are just stopped after some time empty status code

I have Django fetch request that takes some to time to finish it works fine on chrome but fails on chrome I tried different view on Firefox and made it wait some time with time.sleep()

  function test_time(request):     
       for i in range(70):
        return HttpResponse("done")

if i made the time less than 20 the view works fine more than that in 25-36 seconds the page just stops loading and the request shows no status code - timing 0ms - response: No response data available for this request

It sounds like the issue is related to a timeout setting in your Django application or in your web server (if you are using one). The timeout setting controls how long the server should wait for a response from the application before it considers the request as failed.

In order to fix this issue, you can try increasing the timeout setting in your Django application's settings or in your web server.

In Django, you can check the timeout setting SESSION_COOKIE_AGE, default is 1209600 (2 weeks, in seconds), I guess you probably didn't change this.

Therefore, I guess you are using a web server like Apache or Nginx, you can increase the timeout setting by modifying the timeout value in the server's configuration file.

Please tell me more information so that we can try to figure out this issue, thanks.

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