Reusing a database record created by means of Celery task

There is a task which creates database record {R) when it runs for the first time. When task is started second time it should read database record, perform some calculations and call external API. First and second start happens in a loop In case of single start of the task there are no problems, but in the case of loops (at each loop's iteration the new task is created and starts at certain time) there is a problem. In the task queue (for it we use a flower) we have crashed task on every second iteration. If we add, at the and of the loop time.sleep(1) sometimes the tasks work properly, but sometimes - not. How to avoid this problem? We afraid that task for different combination of two users started at the same time also will be crashed. Is there some problem with running tasks in Celery simultaneously? Or something we should consider, tasks are for scheduled payments so they have to work rock solid

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