Django admin page is missing CSS

I am actually following a youtube tutorial for learning Django and admin site is not showing properly. The admin tab in the video looks like this: enter image description here

My admin tab however looks like this: enter image description here

An answer in stack overflow suggested to put DEBUG = True in file. But it is already set to that in my case.

It would be better to start a simple project using the instructions provided in this documentation Django - Introduction tutorial

Initially, you can also try the following instructions to check it.

At first, install django (latest version) using the following command

python -m pip install django

Then, open a folder in which you would like to create a django project, and open the terminal in that folder, then paste the following code

django-admin startproject MyProject

Copy and paste the following two commands one-by-one,

py makemigrations
py migrate

After that, create a admin user by providing the e-mail, username and password through the following command as follows,

py createsuperuser

Now, copy and paste the link you get in the browser along with 'admin/', which will direct you to the admin login page as specified in the documentation

You've probably set static files' location the wrong way. Sending is needed for any further help. You can check this document for default values.

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