Objects.last() or objects.latest('id') ? which one is faster ?(django)

i need to get the most recent data of a table in django but I want the fastest way to do this.

which one is fastest?


or should i use get() with one of above methods ?

If your Foo model did not specify an get_latest_by model option [Django-doc], then the two are equivalent. Indeed, as discussed in my answer on the difference between .last() and .latest():

  • .first() and .last() will work with the ordering of the queryset if there is one, .earliest(…) and .latest(…) will omit any .order_by(…) clause that has already been used;
  • if the queryset is not ordered .first() and .last() will order by the primary key and return the first/last item of that queryset, .earliest(…) and .latest(…) will look for the get_latest_by model option [Django-doc] if no fields are specified;

If get_latest_by is thus not specified, or the primary key, both queries will result in a query that looks like:

FROM foo

Both methods are not equivalent, but in this case will produce the same query, and thus have the same impact on the database.

or should i use get() with one of above methods?

No, .last and .latest() are eager methods, they will directly make the query and return a Foo object (or None), it thus does not make sense to call .get() since a model has no .get() method defined on it.

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