Couldn't find add-on hobby-dev for PostgreSQL database on Heroku

I'm trying to push my application to Heroku using Django, however when I run heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev -a (appname) it gives me this error:

Couldn't find either the add-on service or the add-on plan of "heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev". ! I have also checked that the free version was changed from November 28th, 2022. Is there any other Database add-ons that is reliable so I can use to deploy my app on Heroku. Any suggestions?

You can use Heroku CLI to check which are the available add-ons by heroku:

heroku addons

There are some other databases which you can use for deploy on heroku like:

Heroku Postgres: There are paid service of heroku postgres available with plans, pricing of heroku postgres. There are some 3rd party add-ons which you can use in postgres too => ElephantSQL, mLab, clearDB

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