How can i add am option box into my Folium Draw Toolbar?

I'm working on a proyect where i use Folium and plugin.drawn in order to handle markers and polygons,

The idea it is simple, save all markers en polygons created on the map. It is a collaborative map

On the map I have three layers (layer 1: Ubicacion de mujeres, layer 2: Zona de Violencia and layer 3: Poblaciones diversas). What i need is to add markers for any layer the user choose so i would like to add an option box with those layers as options as you can see in the image

my options example

here it is my map too current map

At the moment i'm making a deep research about it. I tried to add macros like this

{% macro script(this, kwargs) %}

but i don't get to know how to do it correctly

Any idea that you recommend me is going to be so helpful Thank you guys

PD: I'm new in this

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