Will I be able to use a wordpress site domain as a django website on a VPS?

I deleted all the files and folders associated with the Wordpress site I intend to write from scratch using standard HTML, JavaScript, CSS and with Django framework. My question is if I can use this domain with this newly created site in a VPS.

At first I had erased the files and folders and recreated it with the Django app right onto the Wordpress structure, and that does not seem to be working. I am most likely doing something wrong anyways, but I am after the right way of accomplishing this.

Domain names are separate from web servers (such as your VPS), CMS (e.g. WordPress) or a framework (e.g. Django). So there is no problem using that same domain name for your new website with Django.

However, you'll need to reconfigure your VPS to run Django. Better if you reinstall your VPS with Django. Follow the guide provided by your VPS to install Django properly. This includes configuring the web server (e.g. Apache or Nginx), setting up a database, and properly linking your domain to the new server.

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