How to insert images from database to html jinja

I'm trying to pull the link from the database in the src part, but I couldn't. im using django. images are in s3 storage. i append link to sqlite database in django. normally, {{}} is working. but <img src=> is not working. JİNJA TEMPLATE


<figure class="glitch-filter-example">
  <figcaption class="glitch-filter-example__heading">{{ }}</figcaption><br/><br/>
    <img src={{ project.image }}>
    <img src={{ project.image2 }}>
  <p class="glitch-filter-example__filtered-text">HTML text</p>
  <script  src="{% static 'icerik/js/script.js' %}"></script>


  <figcaption class="glitch-filter-example__heading">MY TEXT</figcaption><br/><br/>
    <img src=>
    <img src=>
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