Need solution to resolve this error:huey.exceptions.HueyException: task not found in TaskRegistry

`In my django application currently using huey queue to process tasks. Now I want to prioritise tasks in my queue based on my requirement. Found PriorityRedisHuey class in huey module. I updated my code to use PriorityRedisHuey instead of huey. I have redis server running in my system using docker.

** this is priorityredishuey**

enter image description here

Model changes to table I added a priority field to table to add priority to queue based on my requirement enter image description here

This is my settings change to use redis server. **# Initialized priorityredishuey in settings file ** enter image description here

**This is my tasks file **

This is my tasks file( ` ** This is app config file**


these are the changes i made to use priorityredishuey.But when i am trying to run the run_huey it is giving this exception

I want to know how to resole this error enter image description here

I am expecting to prioritise the tasks in my queue using PriorityRedisHuey.

Let say I have 10 tasks in queue already with priority 0 then i inserted a new task 11 with priority 1 then i want new task 11(because of high priority) need to be executed first before 10 tasks which are already in queue.

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