Logout process in Django, "next" parameter error

While logging out in Django with the "next" parameter, I use the POST request in the form. However, I use another POST request in the code I wrote. These two desires conflict. How can I fix this? [This is my html page] [(https://i.sstatic.net/JpH9USY2.png])

I'm trying to make a blog page using Django. What I want to do is for this user to be able to add a blog post after logging in. If the user is not logged in, they can only view blog posts. Error: User is logging in. When you want to share a blog post, you will be logged out after pressing the 'Publish' button. Normally, it should be directed to the page where the blog posts are located.

I got this (https://stackoverflow.com/a/77928839/19535811) usage from stackoverflow but it doesn't work either. Can anyone help me with another solution?

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