Django-CMS 4.1.1 Can't edit pages via Page menu or Toggle Structure button

Django 5.0.6 Django-CMS 4.1.1 Stock Install

Following this "Install Django-CMS by Hand" tutorial I am unable to edit any pages I create. All edit options are grayed out under the "Pages" menu and the "Toggle Structure" is disabled. I am attempting these page edits using the superuser account I created during site installation. I even manually added all permissions to my superuser account just in case it was permissions issue. Also when I use the '?edit' option at the end of the page url an error is written to the log file:

Method Not Allowed: /en/admin/djangocms_versioning/pagecontentversion/2/edit-redirect/

I am using the base.html template that was installed by default (I added 'load static'):

    {% extends "bootstrap5/base.html" %}
    {% load cms_tags sekizai_tags %}
    {% load static %}
            <title>{% page_attribute "page_title" %}</title>
            {% render_block "css" %}
            {% cms_toolbar %}
            {% placeholder "content" %}
            {% render_block "js" %}

I am about to reinstall, any ideas?

I tried to edit pages I created with Django-CMS using several different methodologies:

  1. Page Menu
  2. Toggle Structure
  3. ?edit parameter to url

I am using a superuser account and should have all necessary privileges but all editing attempts failed as the options are grayed out.

I reinstalled and everything automagically worked. I think it was related to the Nginx <--> Gunicorn <--> static js files pipeline

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