Heroku Postgres database error: "server does not support SSL, but SSL was required"

I'm seeing the following error when running my Django app on Heroku:

connection to server at "", port 6000 failed: server does not support SSL, but SSL was required

In settings.py, I have my DATABASES variable configured like this:

        "default": {
            "ENGINE": "django.db.backends.postgresql",
            "OPTIONS": {
                "service": env.get("DATABASE_SERVICE"),
        "default": dj_database_url.config(
            conn_max_age=500, ssl_require=True

However, I notice that the error page lists the DATABASES variable, and this includes sslmode': 'require:

{'default': {'ATOMIC_REQUESTS': False,
             'AUTOCOMMIT': True,
             'CONN_HEALTH_CHECKS': False,
             'CONN_MAX_AGE': 600,
             'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql',
             'HOST': '',
             'NAME': 'db1',
             'OPTIONS': {'sslmode': 'require'},
             'PASSWORD': '********************',
             'PORT': 6000,
             'TEST': {'CHARSET': None,
                      'COLLATION': None,
                      'MIGRATE': True,
                      'MIRROR': None,
                      'NAME': None},
             'TIME_ZONE': None,
             'USER': 'zvchpwwqszbgax'}}

Have I configured something incorrectly? I assume that Heroku enables SSL for the attached Postgres database, and see it as "required" seems like the correct setting is enabled.

You need to enable SSL in pgBouncer. That means setting client_tls_sslmode to allow or require.

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