Django app rendering poorly after deployment

I just deployed my django app to my custom domain. I'm using Nginx as the web server and Uvicorn for ASGI. Static files are stored in an AWS S3 bucket. The Django application is deployed on an EC2 instance. However my styling for is messed up. All my other apps render correctly including the main website but visiting /app for some reason doesn't render correctly in terms of styling/layout.

I've tried to troubleshoot as much as I can including making sure Nginx can access and serve my static files but I can't figure out what the issue is. My tailwind css and static files render correctly on my website but not when I visit /app. Any help is appreciated.

Make sure your collect static by running:

python collectstatic --noinput

then restart Uvicorn:

sudo systemctl restart uvicorn

Finally restart nginx server:

sudo systemctl restart nginx

This should fix the issue. `

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