Django. How can I edit the text received from the database using HTML?

I have a database that stores the text. I uploaded this text to the database as a list. I need this text to be displayed on the page in the same way as a list, but it is displayed as a string. I tried to connect javascript and use a loop to track ';' and write '\n' instead. The code itself worked fine, but when I started getting an element with my text using getElementById, I ran into a problem: I get a lot of text: aligntitlelangtranslatedirhidden... etc.

My JS code:

function textTab(){
        let text = document.getElementById('specsText');
        let newText = '';

        for(let el in text) {
            if (el === ';'){
                newText += '\n';
            } else{
                newText += el;
        text.innerHTML = newText;

I am a beginner, so I apologize in advance for the possible inaccuracy of the question or errors in the code

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