Templates are not found in django deployed project

I have got a Django Project. It runs perfectly using "python2 manage.py runserver". I have deployed the project in a server and I get "Template not found" error. I have changed the path in views file for the main page and now it works, but I have got two new issues:

  1. I have got an {% include "/lateral/menu.html" %} line that does not work in main.html
  2. All the href in buttons that redirect the user to other html files do not work either. I think it has something to do with the paths, how should I added them in order to be relative path?
My structure:

Some lines of my views file in order to check how I add the paths:

    def loging(request): # Función vista

    return render(request, "loging.html")

I have tried changing to some variations of the paths and with absolute paths too without success. All was working perfectly locally.

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