How to pass InMemoryUploadedFile as a file?

User records audio, audio gets saved into audio Blob and sent to backend. I want to get the audio file and send it to openai whisper API.

  files = request.FILES.get('audio')
  audio = whisper.load_audio(files)


I've tried different ways to send the audio file but none of it seemed to work and I don't understand how it should be sent. I would prefer not to save the file. I want user recorded audio sent to whisper API from backend.

load_audio() requires a file on disk, so you'll need to cater to it – but you can use a temporary file that's automagically deleted outside the with block. (On Windows, you may need to use delete=False because of sharing permission reasons.)

import os
import tempfile

file = request.FILES.get('audio')
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix=os.path.splitext([1], delete=False) as f:
    for chunk in file.chunks():

    audio = whisper.load_audio(

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