How to force link opening oustide of embedded browser / webview?

I setup a simple authentication system using python-social-auth-django. Everything is working fine on my computer and my mobile phone, but when I try to open login link from Messenger app with another phone (Huawei brand), the link opens inside Messenger's embedded browser and I get belows (same for Facebook and Google oauth).

Searching around it has something to do with new policy disabling authentication from embedded browser such as Messenger embedded browser.

What should I do either to force my login link to open outside of Messenger embedded browser or allow login with Facebook/Google oauth from WebViews browser ?

You can't sign in from this screen because this app doesn't comply with Google's secure browsers policy. If this app has a website, you can open a web browser and try signing in from there.

From my browser and own phone I open home link (from messenger app). This opens a browser window and login works fine.

From another phone, when I click the messenger link, it opens in embedded browser.

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