Django tests : doesn't work for testing case for is_staff user

That seems to be a silly question explained by some stupid error, but I could not figure it out for the moment.

General situation :

I have a little Djano app used as small database for some items.
Items could be viewed, edit or deleted.
View is available for all users, but edit/delete only for Staff users.
It was implemented and during manual test it works fine (if I'm not staff user I get 403 for edit/delete pages, then if I become staff user : I could edit/delete).
But the automatic test Fail and I could not figure why.

Here is the test code :

    def createTestUserAndLogin(self):
        self.user = User.objects.create_user(username='testuser', password='qwerty')
        login = self.client.login(username='testuser', password='qwerty')

    def createTestStaffUserAndLogin(self):
        self.user = User.objects.create_user(username='staffuser', password='qwerty_staff', is_staff=True)
        login = self.client.login(username='testuser', password='qwerty_staff')
        self.assertTrue(self.user.is_staff, "User is not staff")

    def test_delete_item_as_non_staff_user(self):
        test_serial = "AA1111"
        new_item = Item(serial_number=test_serial)

        url = reverse("delete_item", kwargs={'pk'})
        resp = self.client.get(url)
        self.assertEqual(resp.status_code, 403)

    def test_delete_item_as_staff_user(self):
        test_serial = "AA1111"
        new_item = Item(serial_number=test_serial)

        # Could delete with Staff user
        self.assertTrue(self.user.is_staff, "User is not staff")
        url = reverse("delete_item", kwargs={'pk'})
        resp = self.client.get(url)
        self.assertNotEqual(resp.status_code, 403)
        confirm_data = {'delete': 'yes'}
        resp =, confirm_data)
        self.assertEqual(Item.objects.all().count(), 0)

If I launch test on these tests I get error :

in test_delete_item_as_staff_user
    self.assertNotEqual(resp.status_code, 403)
AssertionError: 403 == 403

At first moment, I though that may be there is some problem with creating Staff user, but self.assertTrue(self.user.is_staff, "User is not staff") pass, so created user is really Staff.

So I have 2 questions.

  1. is there something wrong with my test ?
  2. but if my test is ok... how could I debug it to find what is wrong with my app ? Manually I could set breakpoints and search for something, but the problem that manual test works just fine.
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