Is `python_paths` a correct parameter for pytest.ini

I'm working on an undocumented Django application, as a new team (all previous developper went away , so no help is available) The pytest.ini looks like this :

python_paths = my_app

According to pytest documentation, there is no python_paths option, only pythonpath.

The tests are working fine by now, and I don't know what to do :

  1. Keep that option, it may somehow be used
  2. Rename to pythonpath, like it should always has been
  3. Delete, as it is unused anyway (I tested, it works fine without)

I know StackOverflow isn't meant for opinions, I'll try to find a lead dev at my company for that. I'm just looking for confirmation that i'm not missing an usage

Your project is probably using the plugin pytest-pythonpath. If you use pytest 7.0.0 or greater, then it is completely safe to rename to pythonpath, as they do the same thing; in fact, you should switch to the built-in option as it's better than relying on a plugin.

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