Uwsgi does not show 2xx and 3xx responses in the log

For testing purposes I need to see all the requests that come to my uwsgi application (and Django behind it), but I only see 4xx and 5xx, here is my uwsgi.ini config:

http-socket = :8080
;chdir = /code/
module = app.wsgi:application
master = true
processes = 2
logto = ./uwsgi.log
logdate = %%d/%%m/%%Y %%H:%%M:%%S
vacuum = true
buffer-size = 65535
stats =
stats-http = true
max-requests    = 5000
memory-report   = true
;touch-reload = /code/config/touch_for_uwsgi_reload
pidfile = /tmp/project-master.pid
enable-threads = true
single-interpreter = true
log-format = [%(ctime)] [%(proto) %(status)] %(method) %(host)%(uri) => %(rsize) bytes in %(msecs) msecs, referer - "%(referer)", user agent - "%(uagent)"
disable-logging = true               ; Disable built-in logging
log-4xx = true                       ; but log 4xx's anyway
log-5xx = true                       ; and 5xx's
log-3xx = true
log-2xx  = true
ignore-sigpipe = true
ignore-write-errors = true
disable-write-exception = true


Django itself produces 2xx logs perfectly in the same env (uwsgi logs are written to ./uwsgi.log file so not visible here)

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