Server-Side Data table Error Due to URL Length

I'm currently working on a django project that uses server-side data tables. When I try to generate a table with less than 18 columns, it would work. However, when I choose to have more than 18 columns in my table, I get the error 404 - File or directory not found. I think this may be due to the length of the URL. Just to give an idea, the URL generated for 31 columns contains over 1K characters. I would appreciate some insight on what I could change to resolve this problem.

Below is a part of my code for the data table:

    var table = $('#example').DataTable( {
        "initComplete": function(settings, json) {
           table.buttons().container().appendTo( $('', 
        scrollX: true,
        scrollY: "500px",
        lengthChange: false,
        buttons: [ 'excel'],
        serverSide: true,
        sAjaxSource: "(insert address here)"
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