Django static files location in javascript library server from own host

I have Django application configured with static files storage using Boto3/AWS data storage. This works fine for all js/css and standard images that are used through templates. The urls for these files automatically transformed to https://awssite/staticfilelocation/imagename etc.

However, I also use a chart library that renders data using a JSON file. One of the components of the json is an image file which needs a path on the server in the form of /imagefolder/logo.jpg. the image is mainly the site logo image.

How can I serve this image using Django settings/urls or other method? Also as this json file is consumed by 2 different servers. the other one is wordpress. As wordpress is using standard image location, it works fine in WP.

I have copied the image logo in Djangoapp/static/app1/logo.jpg. But i cannot serve it. Also as WP and Django both need to refer to same location i.e. /imagefolder/logo.jpg. How can do this rewrite of the path for this single image?

All other static files stores in above path gets successfully transferred to aws bucket and gets server properly from that location.

Any help or pointers would be helpful.

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