How to fetch data remotely for displaying into admin/index.html in django adminlte v3

In Django AdminLte3, I want to show custom dashboard along with others Admin models. The data of the dashboard will come from remote server. And my custom dashboard will open by localhost:8000/admin/. How can I achieve this. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

On your url define a new entry to a view:


def admin_dashboard(request):
    from django.contrib import admin

    #this makes the menu appear
    return render(request,'admin/admin_dashboard.html',context)

On your settings (assuming you are using adminlte from jazzband):

     "topmenu_links": [
        # Url that gets reversed (Permissions can be added)
        {"name": "Home",  "url": "index",},
        {"name": "Dashboard",  "url": "admin_dashboard", }, 

This will make the link appear on top of the admin page, now its a regular view and a regular template and you can take it from there

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