Django how to check if a table is being used as a foreignkey of another table

So, I have two models, Order and Orders, and for each item that I have in my session(cart) Im creating an Order_object(saving in database) and after each item is saved I want to do a check for every Order telling which ones are not a foreign key in Orders, if not, create an Orders_object than add each Order who is not a foreign key of Orders And I wish that each Orders have multiple Order

class Order(models.Model):

class Orders(models.Model):
 order = models.ManyToManyField(Order)

 ----other fields ------

I want to dosomething like this but I dont know if it will work, can somebody confirm if this works?:

Note: even if this code that I wish to test works, im not adding multiple Order_object in Orders_object, im just creating an Orders_object containing only one Order_object, how do I fix it

 for order_object in Order:
   check_if_doesnt_have_foreign_key = True
   for orders in Orders:
      if orders.order == order_object
          check_if_doesnt_have_foreign_key = False
   if check_if_doesnt_have_foreign_key == True:
      orders = Orders(order=order_object)

You could do something like that :

order = get_object_or_404(Order, pk=pk)
for order_object in Order:
    if order_object.orders.exists():
       # Do something
       # Do something
order_all = Order.objects.all()
orders_all = Orders.objects.all()
for order_object in order_all:
    the_order_object_is_not_fk_in_orders = True
    for orders in orders_all:
        for orders_order_object in orders.order.all():
          if orders_order_object == order_object:
            the_order_object_is_not_fk_in_orders = False
    if the_order_object_is_not_fk_in_orders == True:
        #do something
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