Heroku and AWS, Disappearing images

I have built a heroku app that basically stores photos that I upload. I have set up an AWS account with an s3 bucket and I have also set up my IAM user for full access.

When I upload my images via the website, everything goes well and the images show in my bucket and on my albums, but I've just logged onto my website after around 24hrs and all the images I uploaded are gone and some are just not rendering.

Now I know that this would happen if I was trying to store them on Heroku, but does anyone have any ideas why they're disappearing whilst I'm using AWS for storage?



When I click on the images that are not rendering to open in a new tab i get the following error. I removed some of the data just incase its private.

Error Code AccessDenied Code Message Access Denied Message RequestId RequestId HostId HostId Error

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