Passing a value in anchor tag in django

So I'm in my profile page & want to edit my profile so I click edit button ,it takes me to a edit page where I have two buttons 'save'(inside form tag) & 'Exit'. Now if I click exit I want to get redirected to profile page of same person again. what input should I pass in below tag to do this?

(<a href="{% url 'profile'  %}"><button>Exit</button></a>

For going back to particular profile you will need a url with profile/int:id and have to pass unique id of that particular profile in your url while calling exit.

Below is the sample you can do it where contains value of id of a profile.

<a href="{% url 'profile' %}"><button>Exit</button></a>

i am not agree with other answers. If you on your profile page, it means you are logged in.

In this case - you don't need to define, and it is better for usability - i can simply save the link mydomain/profile instead of mydomain/profile/user_pk.

But you should define, how you get an user from Request.

class ProfileView(LoginRequiredMixin, DetailView):
    model = User

    def get_object(self, *args, **kwargs):
        self.kwargs['pk'] =
        return super().get_object(*args, **kwargs)

I am shure - this is the better solution, than send pk in url.

LoginRequiredMixin- default django mixin for GCBV DeteilView - django GCBV

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