How to use some variable that call a function to put inside of HTML template in DJANGO

  • I need to use that function below, here is in

           f ="entries/{title}.md")
       except FileNotFoundError:
           return None ```
  • Then I put that in my with the var "get"

   def getFunction(request):
       return render(request, "encyclopedia/index.html", {
           "get": util.get_entry()  
  • So I want to use that function in my index.html
   {% block body %}
       <h1>All Pages</h1>
           {% for entry in entries %}
               <a href="{% get %}"><li>{{ entry }}</li></a> //{% get %} doesn't work
           {% endfor %}
   {% endblock %}
  • The only for is to show up a list with 5 items and inside of li, using entry I can display all five items (e.g: apple, banana, tomato, pear, grape)

  • I need to use href because When I click it will to another folder/file .md that will be writed about apple for example

  • I wanna use that function to take in my file .md

  • If you need more informations just ask me. thank u. :)

You can add an @property on for the app the call entries.your_function

You can try this

class YourModel(models.Model):

    id = models.AutoField(primary_key=True)
    name = models.CharField(max_length=200)

    # Add a property to your model
    def yourFunction(self):
        # steps
        return 'Hello from your template!'

Next just call it like this in your template

{{ your_model_instance.yourFunction }}

You will see

Hello from your template!
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