Regular Expressions not resolved after using re_path in django urls

I have a problem with Django urls:

from django.contrib import admin
from django.urls import include, re_path, path

urlpatterns = [
    re_path(r'^', include('tutorials.urls')),


from django.urls import re_path
from tutorials import views

urlpatterns = [
    re_path(r'^api/tutorials$', views.tutorial_list),
    re_path(r'^api/tutorials/(?P<pk>[0-9]+)$', views.tutorial_detail),
    re_path(r'^api/tutorials/published$', views.tutorial_list_published)

when i go to check API via browser after python runserver i get: enter image description here

Looks like regular expressions are not resolved? Any ideas?

You asked the "" URL. Your urlpatterns does not contains any path which could match with this url. I don't know where you want to go with this url, but if you add

path('api', views.tutorial_list),

In your urlpatterns list, you will go to tutorial_list view for example.

You don't need to use re_path for path without regular expression. just use path function.

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