Please is there anything i'm doing wrongly, filtered base on datetime, empty QuerySet

i got an empty QuerySet<[]>, i'd like to confirm if my models filtered are working before proceeding but seems the queryset from SubscribeEmailModel filtered from topic__startdate coming out as empty query

here is my 

 class Lesson(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=234)
    startdate = models.DateField(auto_now=True)

 class SubscribeEmailModel(models.Model):
       topic = models.ForeignKey(Lesson)

please here is my

  class AutoSendNotification(ListView):
    subscriber =SubscribeEmailModel.objects.filter(, 

      model = SubscribeEmailModel
      context_object_name = 'subscriber'
      template_name = 'superadmin/email/auto-send.html'

You are trying to filter the exact datetime with the current datetime which might not match.

If you are trying to filter out based on date then set topic__startdate__date in filter

today =
subscriber = SubscribeEmailModel.objects.filter(topic__startdate__date=today, sent_mail=False)

If you are trying to filter out based on date less than or greater than then set topic__startdate__gt or topic__startdate__lt in filter

today =
subscriber = SubscribeEmailModel.objects.filter(topic__startdate__lt=today, sent_mail=False)

you're fetching date including Timestamp which can cause issue.

just make sure you have data created on current date. try this

from datetime import date

today =
subscriber =SubscribeEmailModel.objects.filter(topic__startdate=today, 
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