Multiple StreamBuilder using same data source

Directly connecting to websocket using Streambuilder works seamlessly but I tried to make the stream part of the provider so that I can access the stream data in multiple widgets without encountering the "Bad State: Stream has already been listened to".

Is this a best way of handling multistreaming of data, if not what are my options?

Websocket server is part of Django

Code for provider is mentioned below

  late final WebSocketChannel _fpdSockets;

  Map _webSocketMessages = {};

  Map get webSocketMessages {
    return _webSocketMessages;

      : _fpdSockets = IOWebSocketChannel.connect(

  Stream<Map<String, dynamic>> get dataStream =>
      .map<Map<String, dynamic>>((value) => (jsonDecode(value)));

  void sendDataToServer(dataToServer) {
    print("Sending Data");

  void closeConnection() {

  handleMessages(data) {
    _webSocketMessages = data;
    // notifyListeners();

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