How to change 2 separate parts in an HTML without Refreshing page using Ajax in a Django Project

I have a HTML template for a django project where there are 2 button on the top of a page and one at the end of the page. In the begining the top button is enabled and the lower one is disabled. My objectiveis that when a user clicks on the top button it gets disabled and the lower button gets enabled.

Currently I am at the stage that when a user clicks the top buttons gets disabled with the whole page refreshing but I want to add the lower one to it as well.

Here is the main template to have a better idea:

        <!-- button -->
            <div id="startworkout">
            {% include 'my_gym/button.html' %}
        <!-- button -->
        <!-- button -->
            <div id="deactivate">
            {% include 'my_gym/deactivate.html' %}
        <!-- button -->

Here is the button.html:

            <form action="{% url 'my_gym:bla' %}" method='post'>
                {% csrf_token %}
                    {% if %}
                    <button disabled id="customSwitches" type="button">Close Workout </button>
                    {% else %}
                      <button value="true" id="customSwitches" type="button" >Start the workout </button>
                    {% endif  %}

Here is the 2nd part deactivate.html of that I want to include:

{% if %}
<button id="stop" onclick="stop();" type="button">Finish Workout</button>
{% else %}
      <button disabled id="stop" onclick="stop();" type="button">Finish Workout</button>
{% endif %}

Here is the script with trial commented:

            <script type="text/javascript">
                    $(document).on('click','#customSwitches', function(event){
                        var status= $(this).attr('value');
                            url:'{% url 'my_gym:bla' %}',
                            data:{'active' : status, 'csrfmiddlewaretoken':'{{csrf_token}}'},
<!--                                $('#deactivate').html2(response['div'])-->
<!--                                console.log($('#deactivate').html2(response['div']));-->
                            error:function(rs, e){

Here is the views:

def change_status(request, id):
    if request.is_ajax() and request.method == 'POST':
        if request.POST.get('active') == 'true':
            context = {}
            html = render_to_string('my_gym/button.html', context,request=request)
            html2= render_to_string('my_gym/deactivate.html', context,request=request)
            return JsonResponse({'form': html, 'div':html2})

I am currenly geting the following error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).html2 is not a function
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