How to find the token (phrase, word), not the sequence of characters in Django text data model

In Django data model, Consider that we have a text like this:

I am going to go somewhere.

If I use the Entity.objects.filter(column__contains="go"), it will return going word as well. But I only want the go word to be returned.

Is there any solution other than using Full Text Search?

You can loop through the queryset and then return entries with the word in the string. Try something like this:

for entry in entries:
   if 'go' in entry.column:
      return True
      return False

After checking the Regex document for Django (thanks to Joshlsullivan), This solution worked for me.

result = Entry.objects.filter(text__regex=rf"(\s){searched}(\s)" )

In my case, searched is a variable and changes over time (It is not always the word go as in my question). Using {} I was able to add a variable to the regex string. \s means white space.

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