Linking images from other websites in <img> tags, with URL's returned from my Django API. Is this a sustainable approach for production?

Will I run into a CORS error if I am using my API to return an image url, from on another site, which I set to an tag with the src attribute?

I have an API written in Django which has a model with links to movie posters, which are hosted on the site:, for example:

With my current development server, I have a JavaScript file that makes a request to an endpoint which returns that url, which I then set in an img tag with the src attribute. It displays in my browser, but will I run into issues in production? is this a sustainable approach?

this is my js code:

async function getMovieUrl() {
    try {
        const response = await fetch('/posterurl/',
            method: 'GET'

        const urldata = await response.json()

        var url = document.getElementById("posterurl")
        url.src = urldata['url']
    } catch(error) {

this is my API code:

def poster_url(request):
    context = {'url': url from above}
    return Response(context)

and currently I am able to see the image in my browser upon clicking:

<button onclick="getMovieUrl()">Movie URL</button>
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