Can data stored in memory on a website be hacked? [closed]

I'm currently making a website in Django and I intend to eventually host it with Digital Ocean. Basically, what the website does is have a user upload a file that is hard to read, and then the website parses the content of the uploaded file and displays it in an easy to read format for the user. The file the user uploads may have some personal data in it.

The way I have it set up is that all the data from the uploaded file is stored in memory. I don't upload the file's data to a database or locally on the website because I don't want any of the data, and I don't want the user's uploaded data to be seen anywhere but on the user's computer. So this means that when the user refreshes the page or goes to a different page and comes back, they have to upload their file again because the data from the user's uploaded file would have been deleted from memory when the page loads again.

My question:

The whole point of doing it this way is to keep the user's data safe (inaccessible) from everyone, including myself. Is this a good method to keep the user's data safe? Is there anyway that their data can be hacked?

Thanks in advance

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