Django custom forms with models, also with 'choices' as values, how should I approach this problem?

django forms is giving me a pretty bad headache...

I've been struggling with this for 2 hours now.

I wanted to make a custom form for a model to be able to add objects to it and also be able to move the fields as I want to (instead of using form.as_p (or form|crispy), I wanted to put the entire form in a grid-like table using a custom pattern, not only putting one under another) but whenever I put a choicefield (which is either a choicefield or a foreignkey) their values are empty and also, 3 out of 4 formfields are actually shown, one remains the default.

It contains fields='__all__' with 3 choicefields and 1 floatfield each with a label, nothing more.

To show the forms in html I used

{% for field in form.visible_fields %}
            {{ field.label_tag }}

                {{ field.errors }}
                {{ field }}
                {{ field.help_text }}

        {% endfor %}

which works well. Am I trying to solve the problem in a wrong way? I'll come back to this topic tomorrow, I'll need some rest now but I don't understand why passing a choices=TheModel # or # choices=TheModel.ojbects.all() breaks the entire thing.

Is there a website or a youtube channel that shows some solutions to those problems?

I lokoed up a bunch of sites and videos but they never access foreign keys as values to forms(dropdowns), never make grouped dropdowns (which I made and is working without custom forms).

Choices needs to be a tuple like this:

    ('CHOICE_ONE', 'choice_one')

So, you could create the choices list like this (Lets assume TheModel has a name field.)

choices = [(, for i in TheModel.objects.all()]

The second value will be displayed to the user, the first one will be set in the database.

You could use a ModelChoiceField:

class FooMultipleChoiceForm(forms.Form):
    foo_select = forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField(queryset=None)

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.fields['foo_select'].queryset = ...

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