Is it possible to return the display name of a choice in Django?

So when you make choices for a form/model you do this:

) # where XXX is the value stored in the database and YYY is what you see in a form.

This also applies to the queries, so when you have the mentioned choices and select one, do a query on the model and it returns '1ST'/'2ND'/'XXX'.

But what if you want to display the YYY instead? So we know that '1ST' is 'First', but we want to make it user readable.

Is there a way to access that EXP_CHOICES and write out the YYY tied to them, or you must make an if&else/selector to be like

{% if data.chosen == '1ST'%}
{% elif ... %}
{% endif %}

You use .get_fieldname_display(…) [Django-doc], so if the model field is chosen, then it is get_chosen_display:

{{ data.get_chosen_display }}
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