How to filter by all in queryset

I've got a queryset within a function. In some cases, I want to filter by a specific model.

cars = Car.objects.filter(model='Toyota')

In other cases, I don't want to filter by this field at all. Eg. (Syntax is wrong, but it demonstrates what I'm after)

cars = Car.objects.filter(model=all)

How do I include a field within a queryset as shown above, but prevent it from limiting the results?


You can write a custom manager for your model and modify filter().

from django.db import models

class NewManager(models.Manager):
    def filter(self, **kwargs):
        if kwargs == {'model': 'all'}
            return self.all()
            return self.filter(**kwargs)

And define the new manager in the model.

Here is more details about manager.

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