Get list of all folders in firebase storage using python

i'm using django app and firebase-admin and i have a files and sub folders(nested folders) as shown in imageimg each folder has its own files and folders. i want to get a List of all folders and files inside each root folder , my code is :

service_account_key = 'mysak.json'
cred = firebase_admin.credentials.Certificate(service_account_key)
default_app = firebase_admin.initialize_app(cred, {
    'storageBucket': 'myBucketUrl'
bucket = storage.bucket()
blob = list(bucket.list_blobs()) #this is returning all objects and files in storage not for the folder i want

for example i want all files in first_stage/math so i can get a url for each file i have also read the docs about firebase storage and there is no such a method

Based on documentation List objects | Cloud Storage | Google Cloud you can do something like

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