How to fetch specific elements using dropdown list django

I am new to Django and I am trying to show the total employees and employees in each department in a table using a dropdown list.

Dropdown code :

 <select class="custom-select" style="width: 200px" id="depart">
    <option value="Total">Total</option>
    {% for key,value in uv.items %}
      <option value="{{ value }}">{{ key }}</option>
    {% endfor %}

Table code :

        <table class="table table-striped">
            <tr class="thead-dark ">
                <th>Nom et Prenom</th>

            {% for i in employe %}
                <td>{{ forloop.counter }}</td>
                <td>{{ }} </td>
                <td>{{ i.monday }}</td>
                <td>{{ i.tuesday }}</td>
                <td>{{ i.wednesday }}</td>
                <td>{{ i.thursday }}</td>
                <td>{{ i.friday }}</td>
                <td>{{ i.saturday }}</td>
                <td>{{ i.sunday }}</td>

            {% endfor %}
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