My Django site is not accessible on HTTPS using AWS [closed]

Hope you are doing well.I have Deployed my Django website on AWS Ec2 instanace using Windows Virtual machine.I had pasted my all code in RDP and then started server on port 80 like below:

python runserver and then i opened my IPV4 and DNS in browser.My site works as expected.After that i tried to install SSL Certificate for my site and this issued successfully.I also setup load balancer for it.Everything i had setup for it as mentioned in blog.But my site is not accessible on but it opens when i write this url just need to solve my problem.

I already added all security groups rules to allow http & https.But where is the problem.I think as my django server is running on port 80 therefore it allows http only ,but how i can run my django server on 443 ,so that my site is accessible through https like this https:/

This is ssl certifate i have got from Amazon Aws but this is not working Thanks for your help !!!

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