How to gain specific field value manually in django admin fieldsets

I'm overriding admin/includes/app-name/fieldset.html to change the behavior of some fields using the JavaScript.

In the original fieldset.html by django theres a loop to display the fields, But I want to pick the value of first field for some usecase. How can I do that

 # I removed some code to make it simpler to read
    {% for line in fieldset %}
                {% for field in line %}
                    {{ field.field }}
                {% endfor %}
            {% endfor %}

I'm trying

 {{ fieldset[0].field }}

But this gives the error:

Could not parse the remainder: '[1].field' from 'fieldset[1].field'

If i do that

{{ fieldset }} 

This gives

<django.contrib.admin.helpers.Fieldset object at 0x000002873F9B1940>

How I can Pick the data of first field instead of running a loop. I'm not fully aware of django template tags. So your help would be needed here.

I believe it would be this: {{fieldset.0.0.field}}

Thought Process:

{% for line in fieldset %} means fieldset is an List
{% for field in line %} means line is an List

So we're looking at something like:

    fieldset = [
        [fieldObj0, fieldObj1],     # Line 0
        [fieldObj2, fieldObj3],     # Line 1

Get Line 0 (first line):
{{fieldset.0}} = [fieldObj0, fieldObj1]

Get first fieldObj in Line 0:
{{fieldset.0.0}} = fieldObj0

Get field attribute of the first fieldObj in the first line
{{fieldset.0.0.field}} = fieldObj0.field

Hopefully that's correct

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