Django Throttle on Test Server

I am working on a project and i am using django restframework throttle it works well when using the server either on local or production but when i tries testing the endpoint using testcase it returns an error

This is my configurations

the default rest framework setting


     anon is for the AnonRateThrottle base on anonymous user
     user is for the UserRateThrottle base on logged in user
     ScopedRateThrottle this is just used to set custom throttle just like the authentication, monitor below
    'anon': '100/min',
    'user': '200/min',
    # the throttle is the amount of time a user can access a route in a minute
    'authentication': '3/min',
    # used on route where the user is not logged in like requesting otp
    'monitor': '3/min',
    # currently setting the default authentication for django rest framework to jwt

'DEFAULT_SCHEMA_CLASS': 'rest_framework.schemas.coreapi.AutoSchema',


The test case

def test_verify_and_check_if_profile_created(self):
    This test if the user profile was created,
    and also it verify the user first
    #  checks if the user profile is not none
    #  request otp for the set-up user
    client = APIClient()
    request_otp_response ='/api/v1/auth/verify_account/', {
        "email": self.user_email,

The error

django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: No default throttle rate set for 'anon' scope
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