Edit the code of module in venv during docker build in Django + React app

I have React as frontend and Django with Django REST Framework working as API. And the issue is I changed several lines of code in module I installed for Django app. Obviously, during Docker build those changes aren't saved. Because .venv folder for virtual environment isn't copied to container. I'm asking a way to make changes to module in .venv folder during build. The number of changes isn't huge. Only two lines.

The module is django-rest-multiple-models==2.1.3(https://pypi.org/project/django-rest-multiple-models/)

In drf_multiple_model folder which is I believe a main folder of the module in .venv I changed following(lines 196-207):

    def get_label(self, queryset, query_data):
        Gets option label for each datum. Can be used for type identification
        of individual serialized objects
        if query_data.get('label', False):
            return query_data['label']
        elif self.add_model_type:
                return queryset.model._meta.verbose_name
            except AttributeError:
                return query_data['queryset'].model._meta.verbose_name

There was __name__ instead of verbose_name

The solution is much simpler than it looked for me at first. Use OOP:

  1. Inherit required module's class.
  2. Override the required method.
  3. Use the overridden class.
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