Running Django in IIS

I have a Python application that's that has been working correctly as backend for my website, up to now I have been running it using "python runserver IP:8000" in CMD. However I would like it to start using HTTPS, but when I try to access through my browser on https://IP:PORT I get the following error:

You're accessing the development server over HTTPS, but it only supports HTTP.

The server I am running all of this is a Windows Center 2019 DataCenter, normally on a linux environment I would just use NGINX+GUNICORN.

I was browsing possible solutions and stumbled upon this, however I already am using IIS to host a website (My frontend), so I needed to figure out how to host several websites for the same IP, I have now found this.

Long story short, I configured the new IIS website for it to access my django, I then changed the hostname since both frontend and the new backend will using the same ip and ports (80, 443).

But now I have hit a spot where I'm confused due to my lack of experience in IIS and networking. I can't seem to understand how the request will go through to my Python-Django APP.

Something important to mention on how I access the Django APP in the past. Lets say my front end is, whenever any request needed to be made to the backend. I would ask for said information in

This is how the binding for my frontend looks like enter image description here

And this is the binding for the new backend where I changed the hostname as the second guide linked said enter image description here

Any guidance or help would be most appreciated, Thanks in advance


So I tried pausing my frontend website and used these bindings on the new backend website, I was able to get a screen of Django meaning it seems to be working or at least communicating.

Now I would need to have the hostname of the backend ( somehow refer or redirect to the hostname of the frontend (

How could I achieve this?

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