Should I use Django, Spring Boot or React? [closed]

there are 4 of us in the company and I am the only software guy. We are going to make a web app for a client where orders are going to be taken into account and manufacturing orders (MO) are created in an optimal way. Our client is going to provide us with the data to train an artificial intelligence model that will create the manufacturing orders in an optimal way. The data will be: employees (schedule, calendar...), orders that are created, and manufacturing processes (MP) with their respective dependencies in terms to other MPs.

I am thinking about creating the AI with python and deploying it. Then create a web (I don't know which technologies to use. If frontend React or do it all with Spring Boot or Django) and make requests to the AI API. I have no experience with React and with the other two I have very little experience.

Which technology should I use? I would also appreciate any help regarding artificial intelligence since I only know that I am going to use Python for it.

I think the best solution is to use Django since I understand Python and the project is in a bit of a hurry. Security is not paramount in this project. I think the best solution is to put the data in static form with .csv files.

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